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Mobile VoIP is a VoIP application used on mobile devices, such as smartphones, communicators, PDAs or conventional mobile phones capable of interacting with IP networks. The application allows making free calls to users connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. You will also be able to call anywhere in the world saving up to 95% compared to regular operator tariffs. The service is growing and constantly evolving.

The main features of Mobile VoIP are:

1) Call from your mobile phone via VOIP at very low prices.

2) No need to make any changes to the phone settings, just select the name of the contact.

3) Works all over the world, always and everywhere.

4) You can call via VoIP without spending money on cellular communication.

5) You can even lower your tariff plan (it is understood that there will be less money spent on calls through the operator).

6) Very good quality of communication.

7) Mobile VoIP solution works through Wifi, 3G, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS (can be selected at application startup).

Benefits of VoIP to be used on Mobile

The main advantage of modern VoIP is the low price of long-distance and international calls, with a very good quality of communication. For the mass user, is the main advantage of the technology under consideration, which ensures stable and stable development for it.

For corporate clients, in addition to a significant reduction in the cost of using telecommunications services, an equally important advantage of VoIP is the ability to create geographically distributed call centers and the ability to provide remote branches with cheap and sometimes free of charge communication with the head office of the company and between By yourself. With the help of VoIP, an intercorporate telephone network can be organized, built using the existing infrastructure of the local area network.

The relevance of VoIP technology for mobile users has become especially evident after the emergence of telephones with wireless connections support through Wi-Fi and client programs for VoIP services. This makes it possible not only to save on outgoing calls but also to significantly reduce the cost of roaming – it becomes almost free everywhere, where it is possible to connect to Wi-Fi access points. An example of a phone that has Wi-Fi support and has a built-in VoIP client is the Nokia N80 Internet Edition. Of course, for VoIP can be used and connect to the Internet using GPRS / EDGE technology, however, the main disadvantage of using this technology is the relatively high price of GPRS traffic.