About the project

Sailbeaverisland.com is a public web resource that helps to manage and understand in the world of telecommunication mobile solutions. After reading each article our reader becomes a little clever and instructed: smarter, more technically educated, more motivated, more resourceful, happier.

Each article a comprehensive explanation of the terms, solutions, phenomena of mobile communication tools, resources, technologies. Some information is collected on the internet, some touch IP solutions, VoIP issues, but all dedicated to one topic – mobile communications.

Some texts are small tips, hints or techniques for optimizing spheres of life connected with communication technologies. The idea we put in Sailbeaverisland.com, that it saves time, effort and money, simplifies the process of achieving the goal. Sailbeaverisland.com is public and open.


Our target audience

We write for people with a critical perception of standards that are imposed by tradition, society, and corporate culture. Our reader wants to develop intellectually, technologically and physically, learn something useful and interesting every day.

Our user appreciates his time and money, he is interested in trends, modern technologies and everything connected with them. Our reader is looking for answers to his questions, solving some problem, advice, opinion, instructions “how” and “why”.


Our topics

Everything that is connected with modern mobile communication, VoIP communication, software solutions, mobile solutions, mobile technologies for communication.

We help the reader to solve problems or simplify the situations that he faces every day, answer his questions and encourage us to look at the usual things with different eyes. We like to find practically useful and interesting things and to explain what it is and how to use it effectively.

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