For several years, programs for easy calls from a computer to any phone are very popular. IP-telephony today has become even more accessible. Most of these services offer paid services, but we always have the opportunity to find applications which allow you to make calls free of charge (or a certain number of calls).

With the advent of the Viber for Android at the market, the problem with free calls has been simplified to a minimum. First, today many mobile operators include in their pricing plans access to the Internet with a fairly good amount of traffic, plus public WiFi access points are proliferating very quickly, besides, everyone now has WiFi routers at home.

For free calls via IP-telephony from a mobile phone, you need to install an application of one of the VoIP wholesale carrier. Calls can be made via 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi or through a call-back. Some VoIP providers offer SIM cards with IP telephony capabilities.

Such mobile solutions are available both for individual users and for the corporate sector.  Let’s make a short review of the software solutions for corporate use by the employees to make cheap or even free international calls.

  1. Corporate SIM-cards – allow you to monitor all employee communications

With these sim cards, you can combine the office and mobile network (that is usually separated) into a single corporate network. This makes it possible to monitor employee communications: watch their online statistics in CRM, listen to conversations, and observe their location on the map. Such solutions also came up with several magical ways to keep mobile numbers of employees when switching to corporate sims from ordinary operators. But after this transition, it is possible for all customers to give a single corporate number through which they can dial into the right person and gradually abandon the multiple mobile numbers from various operators.

  1. Also, SIM-cards with tariffs and opportunities of IP-telephony are accessible. SIM-cards that allow you to use all the tariffs and capabilities of IP-telephony and virtual PBX in your mobile phone. You can take with you on a trip abroad all your phone numbers: use IP-telephony in your mobile in the absence of a connection to the Internet (sim-card is connected to the SIP-login), connect the sim-card to the internal number of the PBX and use all the functionality Free PBX.
  2. Calls from cloud service virtual office

Usually, such solutions consist of a virtual PBX, email server, messenger, contact database and file storage. Virtual PBX allows you to connect all employee numbers to a single network and assign each of them short numbers for speed dialing, create an intelligent IVR menu, receive faxes, and embed a call button from the site. The messenger allows you to chat and monitor the status of the presence of employees.

  1. Service for cheap unlimited communication for mobile phones of the employees. These are corporate SIM cards that turn the mobile phones of the employees into wireless office phones. Such a card does not have a public number, so you can call it only through the PBX (i.e., the customers call through your city number and you make calls on the internal short number), and outgoing calls from this card also go only through the PBX.
  2. VoIP SIM card

The employee inserts this SIM card into his phone and can call for free to the own office, customers, and partners through a corporate PBX at low rates. There is also a function of conversations record, receive calls, routed IP PBXs.

Time flies fast and there are many new progressive and more effective solution for corporate communication, customer support communication. Each enterprise should make research and choose appropriate solution suitable especially to its unique needs.